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This community is for business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to learn more about copywriting and related subjects to help grow their business, as well for those looking to hire a copywriter. 

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Copywriters, as well as marketing and communications professionals of all levels of experience are welcome to join and create a profile.

Hello everyone! I’m looking for an experienced writer interested in a long cooperation who is able to create articles for Dating, Gambling, Amazon and other niches. If you're ready to write good quality content and get regular orders - contact... (More)

Hi Lauren,

I am fairly new to the freelance way of working. My advice would be to build up your website landing pages, ensure all of your social sites are up to date and frequently populated, use LinkedIn as a... (More)

Eleanor Goold
Strategic Brand & Marketing Comms ★ Content Strategist ★ Coach ★ Copywriter
LIVE INTERVIEW. DON'T MISS THIS! Really excited to be interviewing Ash Ambirge in The Copywriter Facebook group on Valentine's Day :-). We'll be talking about freelancing, how your ideas are your modern-day resume, as well as imposter syndrome - i.e.... (More)
Want your customers to trust what you do?

Then build case studies into your marketing. Testimonials are great, but Case Studies work much harder. Here's why: