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Book Recommendations
Book Recommendations
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This community is for business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to learn more about copywriting and related subjects to help grow their business, as well for those looking to hire a copywriter. 

It's free to register and post your job/project.

Copywriters, as well as marketing and communications professionals of all levels of experience are welcome to join and create a profile.

Eleanor Goold
★ On Your Side But Not On Your Payroll ★ Copywriting Consultant ★
Here are just some of the books I have read that can help you with your copy. Feel free to share your recommendations in the comments so we can keep this list useful and up to date: ↪️The Copywriter’s Handboo... (More)
Stuart Davis
Freelance Copywriter
Steve Folland of Being Freelance is starting a new book club. It looks like The 12 Week Year is going to be the first choice.

Check out the Being Freelance Facebook group for more info -