Hi friends,

My service, Design Buffs, is not for everyone. Based on my current customers, I've identified a sweet spot where we can add the most value: In-house marketers & founders in small (1-50) tech startups

I've updated my LinkedIn biography and was wondering if anyone had any pointers for improving this.

Here's the copy:

"DesignBuffs.com is for people who believe there's a smarter way to outsource design work.

Frustrated with the way I was finding, hiring & managing design freelancers for my business, I launched Design Buffs with three goals in mind:

1. Simplifying the way people get design work done
2. Allowing marketers & founders to free their time and focus on what they're great at
3. Offering a service that provides the same results provided by large agencies, but without the price tag

I promise that engaging with Design Buffs will help you scale your marketing operations, focus more, and create ongoing assets that don't look like 💩

How does it work?

With Design Buffs, you tell us what marketing assets you need and your request is dispatched to your personal designer. You get an update within one business day and can send as many revisions until you're happy.


No contracts.

No hiring drama.

Who's behind Design Buffs?

We're a team of fully remote, ego-free designers and project managers who work with some of the coolest brands in the world.

Wanna join them?

Get in touch today to see if you're a good fit for us:"