Here are just some of the books I have read that can help you with your copy.

Feel free to share your recommendations in the comments so we can keep this list useful and up to date:

↪️The Copywriter’s Handbook - Robert Bly
↪️Adweek Copywriting Handbook – Joe Sugarman
↪️Scientific Advertising – Claude Hopkins
↪️Breakthrough Advertising – Eugene Schwartz
↪️Persuasion – Robert Cialdini
↪️Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade - Robert Cialdini
↪️Confessions of an Ad Man – David Ogilvy
↪️The Boron Letters - Gary Halbert
↪️The Ultimate Sales Letter – Dan S Kennedy
↪️Methods of Persuasion – Nick Kolenda
↪️Words That Sell – Richard Bayan
↪️Phrases That Sell – Edward Werz
↪️Cashvertising – Drew Eric Whitman
↪️The Hidden Persuaders - Vance Packard

I started out by reading some of the old school classics mentioned above, not because I wanted to write like them, but to get an understanding of the history of advertising.
My top tip to anyone who wants to get serious about copy is to read as widely as you can.

Share your recommended books here :-)